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Note 312 – The Erector Spinae (group of muscles)

Being a writer, I spend many hours per week on the computer (and this is as well as my day job!).  As mentioned in previous blogs I have not been sitting correctly at the computer which isn’t helping my posture and spine.  My chiropractor, Mark Thomas (Chiropractor clinic), has been treating me for a couple of weeks now, and although my neck and head are improving, there are a group of muscles in the thoracic part of my spine that are still not moving freely.  Mark has explained to me that these bundle of muscles and tendons that are causing me pain are called  the erector spinae muscles.

The lumbar region in regards to the rest of th...

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Apparently it’s a difficult muscle to stretch, but Mark’s given me a few exercises to try which should speed up the healing process.  These should be done in conjunction with sitting properly (like I am now!) and using the right equipment (have temporarly connected a keyboard and mouse and have the laptop perched on a box!).  He’ll be very pleased with me if he reads this!

Wikipedia explain that the erector spinae muscles (pronounced e-rec-tor speen-aye, or e-rec-tor spinae-ee) run vertically down the spine extending “throughout the lumber thoracic and cervical regions and lies in the groove to the side of the vertebral column” (the right side in my case).

The good news about all of this is that Mark hasn’t said that I have to stop typing, but instead be sensible about the amount of time that I spend on the computer at any one time.  Sessons of no more than 20-30 minute are advised.  Just remember – the shorter the session, the shorter the break you will need.

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