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Note 306 – Take frequent micro-breaks from sitting

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Although I am taking more regular breaks from writing and typing than I used to, I have promised my chiropractor that I will take them every 25 minutes. Knowing I like information, he gave me a leaflet to read called micro-breaks (by Craig Liebenson) which not only explains why 20-30 minute breaks are important but also shows some exercises you can do whilst having the breaks. .

It’s obvious that if we sit at the computer and hold a posture for too long, it can lead to tension and stiffness in places like the neck and back. Being a writer, it’s easy to get carried away with something and not notice the time (I do it every day!). I don’t need to tell you that the longer you sit, the longer the break you will need to take.

Craig Liebenson, Director of L.A. Sports & Spine and author of the leaflet mentioned above, says that “the human body is designed for movement” and refers to sitting for long periods of time as a: debt that accumulates in your tissues that needs to be paid. He also says that…

“there is no perfect chair except for the one that you get out of frequently”

…which I thought would be a brilliant note to put on the wall where I can see it. I remember my chiropractor saying the other day that I didn’t need to buy a special chair, but instead sit straight in the one I have. It’s also a good idea to use one of those sausage-shaped wedges between your back and the chair to ensure that you’re sitting upright.

There are obviously other important things to remember when you sit at a desk/workstation, (as mentioned in Note 302 – Take good care of your spine through good posture). The best things we can all do for our bodies is to get out of the chair after sitting for a while.

Do you take frequent micro-breaks?

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4 thoughts on “Note 306 – Take frequent micro-breaks from sitting

  1. I don’t…..I should…..and now I will πŸ˜‰


    Posted by Vikki (The View Outside) | March 2, 2012, 8:22 am


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