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The word cogitate

A couple of months ago I wrote a post on the word loquacious and said how much I liked the sound of the word.  A reader recently commented on that post (thank you) and said that they liked the sound of the word cogitate.  Having not used that word before, I looked it up. I agree, it’s quite a … Continue reading

Note 333 – The use of sited, cited and sighted

Sited, cited and sighted are homophones, which are words that sound the same but are spelt differently.  I accidentally wrote sited instead of cited in one of my blog posts the other day, but fortunately spotted it (or sighted it) it before posting.  The sentence I wrote in Note 330 – Do you write snuck or sneaked? was “snuck (as opposed … Continue reading

Note 332 – The posessive pronoun “theirs” has no apostrophe

If you see the word theirs with an apostrophe before the ‘s’, it is incorrect.  Theirs is a third person posessive pronoun used in place of their + noun, for example, if you say “the house is theirs” you could split theirs into their + noun which makes it “the house is their house“. Putting an apostrophe  … Continue reading

Note 331 – Cringing at the use of they’re, there and their…

They’re, there and their are homophones, which means they are words which sound the same but are spelt differently. I don’t have a problem remembering which one to use (and tend to cringe when I see it written incorrectly); however, being a common spelling error, a work colleague asked me to add a post in … Continue reading

Note 324 – Eight online sources of information + useful tips

When I wrote yesterday’s post, Note 323 – Eight books as a source of information, it made me realise how much I’ve missed each and every one of my writing books, as I tend to use the internet as a source of reference nowadays instead. I must get back to reading the books as a … Continue reading

Note 300 – Most popular posts since My Writing Challenge began

Getting to note 300 and having almost 8000 hits on this blog in nearly 10 months feels a bit special, so I thought I would recap on the most popular posts as well as some of my personal favourites. Top Posts I’ve just discovered that if you go to Top Posts and Pages on your … Continue reading

Note 289 – My Writing Challenge Progress

If you’ve read the very first post of this blog, you will know that I was peeling potatoes when the idea popped into my head to create it.  This was the beginning of my writing challenge ‘to learn a new writing tip each day for a year and blog about it to teach others’.  I knew it would be hard work, but … Continue reading

Note 284 – Have you got a secret blog editor?

Have you ever revisited one of your own blog posts and even though you know that you read it through several times before posting it, you find a mistake – only a teeny-weeny one, but a mistake nevertheless?  Alternatively, it may get pointed out by ‘Mr Smug’. So, apart from the obvious things like using spellchecker or going back … Continue reading

Note 269 – The acronym a.k.a.

A.k.a. is an abbreviation meaning “also known as” and for a writer or author, it might appear before their pen name.  According to Wikipedia, it is also used to introduce pseudonyms, aliases, nicknames, working names, legalized names, maiden names and so on.  It appears that it can be capitalised and/or punctuated and the variations I have … Continue reading

Note 261 – A few commonly misspelled words

Did you spot the mistake in the Wikipedia image?  The theme this week is commonly misspelled words.  In fact misspelled is one in itself – a lot of people spell it with one ‘s’ when in fact is has two.  There also doesn’t appear to be a spelling ‘misspelt’ and no one has even written about … Continue reading

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