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Note 249 – Researching how to create ebooks from your blog content

Although I have the material to put into an ebook, I’ve never actually looked into how I would create one. There are so many people out there selling ebooks via their websites, or offering them as free downloads in exchange for subscribing.   There is also a lot of information online on how easy it is to create an ebook – I’ve just googled ‘creating ebooks’ which brought back 90 million pages of results.

The Guide to ebook marketing website founded by John Hocking, has quite a few articles on this topic.  In an article called Your ebook internet Marketing Strategy – 7 vital Components he suggests creating a page or website specifically for the marketing and selling of your ebook (something I would never have thought of).

John Hocking has also written an article on PDF vs EXE – An eBook War where he asks you to consider the format side of things i.e. should the ebook be published by PDF or EXE?  Make Use is another excellent site which also suggests considering “whether you’re catering to Kindle or iPad users” (Article source: 3 easy ways to turn your blog into an ebook for free).  

What is relevant about Make Use’s article above is that they explain specifically how you can create an ebook from a WordPress blog.  Apparently there is a plugin called Anthologize which I will investigate further and blog about another day.  They say that “with Anthologize, not only can you use content from your own blog, you can also import content from other sites with an RSS feed”.  It all sounds very interesting and exciting.

It looks like this topic may have to be split over a few posts as I feel that I am just skimming the surface here with these few tips.  There is so much to read and learn about this.  I’d love to be able to create an ebook and have it ready to be downloaded from this site before my writing challenge is over!

Hope you’ve enjoyed today’s blog.

Until tomorrow…

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About Sandra Madeira

I am a full-time working mum with a passion for writing and inspiring others. Subjects I tend to blog about are life skills, parenting, decluttering, worklife balance, etc. At the moment I am on a decluttering mission creating space in my house, garden and mind. I have challenged myself to do at least ten minutes a day and write about it. Have a good day! Sandra Freelance Writer


5 thoughts on “Note 249 – Researching how to create ebooks from your blog content

  1. I’ve nominated you for a Kreative Blogger award on my blog. Here’s the link Have a great new year!

    Posted by amymarie | January 5, 2012, 3:47 pm


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