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Note 318 – The Versatile Blogger Award

I have been nominated to receive a Versatile Blogger Award by the lovely & talented Vikki (The View Outside). Thank you so much – I really appreciate it… The rules for accepting this award are as follows: 1. Thank the award-givers and link back to them in your post. 2. Share 7 things about yourself. 3. … Continue reading

Note 250 – The Kreativ Blogger Award

Thank you Amy Marie The Literary Mom for nominating me for a Kreativ Blogger Award!  It’s such a great feeling and I am honored that you picked me as one of your six.  I’m so pleased that you find my writing tips useful.  The Kreativ blogger award rules are: 1. Share 10 things about yourself that readers might … Continue reading

Note 245 – The Pressure of New Year’s Resolutions; Choose to be Different…

Unless you absolutely have to start your goals or resolutions on January 1st (which most of us don’t) why not choose a different starting point?  Why not make yours January 15th or a completely different month to give yourself a bit more time for ideas to form?  This way you are more likely to stick to them.  Anyway, “according to statistics, … Continue reading

Note 211 – How do you set up ‘no follow’ attributes within WordPress comments?

Occasionally readers may include a link to another site within the comment they leave on your blog.  This might be for a number of reasons, for example: They would genuinely like you to visit their site. You are an authoritative website and in order for them to obtain a search ranking benefit, they want a connection with your site.  I’ve … Continue reading

Note 178 – Deciding on your writing niche(s)

How do you decide what your writing or blogging niches are?  I’ve recently been thinking a lot about this question.  Obviously writing is one of my niches (hence this blog), and I also have a list of niches on my main website which includes topics such as parenting, meditation and herbal teas (quite a mixed bag).  These are … Continue reading

Note 170 – Blog posts: sharing and commenting

We all feel good when someone comments on one of our blog posts and and even more so when they then share it with others too.  Thank you Jackie Paulson for commenting on so many of mine today – it was not only great to get the comments, but it also inspired me for today’s blog.  What … Continue reading

Note 167 – How to write for Technorati

As part of my plan to grow as a writer, I recently signed up to Technorati which is a blogging platform and search engine that publishes content to millions of people every month.  Topics include entertainment, sport, latest news, parenting and many more.  I received the news this week that they have accepted me as a writer and today I … Continue reading

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