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Note 354 – Converting time and words into money

I have worked out that by the time My Writing Challenge is over, I would have spent approximately 663 hours researching, writing, editing and perfecting posts (and that’s not including all the other writing projects that I have). The way I worked it out is that each post has taken anything from half an hour to three hours from start … Continue reading

Note 318 – The Versatile Blogger Award

I have been nominated to receive a Versatile Blogger Award by the lovely & talented Vikki (The View Outside). Thank you so much – I really appreciate it… The rules for accepting this award are as follows: 1. Thank the award-givers and link back to them in your post. 2. Share 7 things about yourself. 3. … Continue reading

Note 316 – Fifty days to go…what’s kept me going

It only seemed like the other day when I mentioned that I had 100 days to go until my writing challenge ends. Now I’m starting the 50 day countdown; after today there will be 50 more posts and then who knows! eBooks, more posts, new challenge – the world is my oyster (wonder where that … Continue reading

Note 285 – How would you write the words ‘shock horror’?

I was going to write the words ‘shock horror’ in my blog yesterday but hesitated as I didn’t know if it was hyphenated, separated by a comma or just two separate words. The Cambridge dictionary defines it as “an expression used when you are pretending to feel very shocked by a piece of news” and shows … Continue reading

Note 274 – How being a ’30 minute’ writer works for me

  A writer friend and I were discussing how we squeeze writing into our busy lives.  She has recently learnt to do 20 minute short bursts of writing and although she was dubious of this method at first, it is working really well for her.  I told her that I’m more of a 30 minute writer as this (quite by … Continue reading

Note 220 – Reasons why I love to write

Writing is a way of communicating not only with someone else e.g. by emails, blogs, articles etc., but also with yourself.  I know I’ve mentioned this many times in my blog posts, but I’ve been writing for as long as I’ve been able to hold a pen, and the diaries and journals that I have kept, go back to when I … Continue reading

Note 214 – How the YouTube tool can help writers

YouTube is a video-sharing website bought by Google in November 2006 and according to Wikipedia “each YouTube video is accompanied by a piece of HTML, which can be used to embed it on a page outside the YouTube website”.  This means it can be added to blogs and websites. I hadn’t realised until recently that this networking tool could benefit me as a freelance … Continue reading

Note 198 – Five reasons why LinkedIn can be great for writers

It’s been suggested to me three times over the last few weeks (by word of mouth, from my online writing course and when listening to an audio book) that creating a LinkedIn Account could benefit me as a writer.  So, taking that as a sign I have set up an account today and although I am very … Continue reading

Note 195 – Creating useful lists in Twitter which may help you as a writer

If you have a Twitter account and follow hundreds of people, it becomes an unmanageable task of viewing all the tweets from those you are following in your timeline – they pop up every second, all day long!  I just do a quick scan down my timeline now and again and read (and sometimes retweet) … Continue reading

I’m half way through My Writing Challenge

Six months ago I set up my writing notebook blog and the challenge that began on 1st May 2011 was for me to learn a new writing tip every day for a year and blog about it to teach others.  I’m now half way there and determined to continue. What I have achieved in this time  I feel that I’ve … Continue reading

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